Your property is green?

Everyone talks about "green", and you are probably inspired to your property to follow the latest trend on the market "green." Make your property is good for the value of your property due to the increasing drive towards this "green" direction and even if it is not for value addition, making your "green" property is also a good investment for your own health and well-being.

Then, how you "green" your home? Your home may be already 20 years old, and you are not going to restructure the whole of the House, even more, if your House is really an apartment. You cannot simply tear down walls or anything, that it will affect the entire block of the apartment. What can you do?


We are just not talking to have a beautiful garden or to many plants in pot on your balcony. We talk about the fire sprinkler systems. You can enable if extinguishers are in your garden, so that you can check for throughout the spraying. Apartments have no problem about it because you are probably watering your plants manually. However, sprinkler system, you must replace the heads of sprinkler old technologies with water, conservation of the sprinkler heads. If you can, get one with a timer and a temperature sensor. In this way, your sprinkler will not need to activate itself when it rains.


You will want to ensure that the paint you use low chemical emissions, particularly for VOCs and formaldehyde. The long term for the VOC and formaldehyde exposure potentially cause cancer and leukemia. Most manufacturers of paint can now manufactured without VOC paints now, but you cannot be too sure of the paintings in your older home. Also, if you plan to repaint, obtain a painting which includes antibacterial and anti fungi properties. More than your health examination, because anti-bactérien and anti-fungi will avoid unnecessary health problems of your household.


There are several considerations when it comes to the floor. If you have soils in marble or what is hard flooring, it is less problems for you. However, if your floor is carpeted, most of the time you need to replace your carpet with an ecological alternative. On the market, there are manufactured carpets from plastic bottles recycled, with less emissions of gas and cost about the same as your typical carpet. You can also replace your carpet of typical carpet with additional buffer of soybean hypoallergenic for that "green" carpet at your flooring.

Electrical appliances

Much has been said about the new regulations for the electrical equipment and manufacturers are working hard to obtain Energy Star labels for their products. Apart from the label, also check the age and who is the manufacturer, particularly for your refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and clothes dryer. Chances are, these appliances eat up your power and you walk an expensive Bill their age. If you only allow you to change some of the devices at home, save enough to start with these few those basic, your refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. Once you start with these three, your electricity bill would become so much lower, and you will be able to save your cash for the others. Remember that any apparatus which requires heat such as iron and your water heater are the apparatus which will swallow a lot of electricity. An old aircraft will be also more dangerous for fire safety in your home. Take just the possibility of replacing old equipment to minimize the possibility of a risk of fire.


What is you replaced your light bulbs with ecological? There are many new bulbs now that uses less electricity. It may also be the use of the pretty lights LEDs which can be rather cheap and decorative replace these heavy outdoor lighting that you had used in the past. For fluorescent tubes, look at the t on the tube level. If the tube level t said T10 and T12, take the initiative to change these to the T5 to T8 instead. You will get the same light output, with 70% savings on your electricity bills.


Finally, check the plumbing of your home. Check your water faucets, sinks and shower for aerators. You should also check the heater pipe exposed. Another thing that you need to check is your flush system.

It is likely old flush systems are using lots of water and with a single flush system. New flushing systems have two systems, which releases only half of a whole bucket of water when rinse you and another for a full flush water. You'll save lots of water for a small investment. is the property of Penang No. 1 portal. This is the best place to begin your search for Malaysia property, whether you are an investor, purchasing for your own, or seeking to rent., you'll find thousands of Penang apartment and condo for sale and rental with detailed information about each property, including maps and photos.