Why you can look forward to Green Homes in Malaysia

Gone are the days where the concept of "life" green were only reserved for conservation and tree huggers groups. What began as a movement of alternative life became a pivot to conserve resources depleting of Earth to create a healthy environment and sustainability. We started to live our lives green but you given much thought as to whether if your home should be same too?

A sustainable property uses several methods to reduce pollution, emissions and unnecessary waste. Many forward-thinking of property developers in Malaysia have taken to create sustainable communities and to sell the concept of an ecological lifestyle in their projects. Many property downstream companies began to embrace this new paradigm by actively conducting programs of social corporate responsibility (CSR) that contributes to a sustainable environment.

At a time when preservation is imperative for the subsistence of the Earth, eco homes are fast taking on the market in Malaysia, not only for its upward trend, but also its contribution to the long-term investment and the fact that the country has the ideal location and climate for green homes. Today, you can find these flowering communities in various regions of the country as Setia Eco Park, 11 @ Mont Kiara and the Hijauan residence, all located in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Urban developer YTL Corp has commissioned Bird Island in Kuala Lumpur as the site proposed for the competition of YTL Green homes, which presents world-class architects to create the most innovative and environmentally friendly home environment ever built.

It was announced that Kuala Lumpur will host the 3rd International class sustainable cities World Conference (WCSC 2011) this coming September 20-21, 2011. The Conference will present a number of successful ecological practices that have been implemented worldwide, tobe considered for future projects of development across the country. A local Council based in the State of Selangor, known as Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPD) deliberated on the possibility of granting rebates RM500 owners unite in green practices at home. This includes discounts for the conservation of energy upgrades home solar water heater or same bike to work. This initiative has been recommended by the energy, green technology of the Ministry of water low carbon cities framework and funding for this project will be sent the PJ Sustainable Development Fund Trust, which will require RM50, 000 for the project to take off after that a proper assessment has been regulated.

The concept of green homes are more popular in Malaysia. If you already own a property, you can make conscious choices about your life style to create a Green House; or if you currently need to purchase or construct property, you can begin to seek to make the right choices by being aware of the consequences of your development, and the effects of that property has on its surrounding environment. In any event, you are working towards the future of Malaysian and living homes.

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