Solar parking lots: the next big thing in investing commercial property

With most manufacturers of cars set to bring electric vehicles (EVS) for the world market in 2011 in the production of mass for the modern consumer, warned property investors are already position themselves whopping returns. Not there is a long time, electric cars, pricing systems used to be a far-fetched vision of the future, but it is now a reality. It is estimated that there will be about 1.5 million EVs on the street of the United Kingdom by 2020. Clearly, it is a challenge minute to replace fuel fired around 27 million cars. Nevertheless, the growing demand for EVs spells huge profits for providers of recharging stations.

Sophisticated property and other investors within the investors are in pole position to operate this car quick and electricity revolution, particularly in the solar energy sector. In addition, the funds of pension, capital and major institutional investors are tail to add lucrative property assets, such as the solar car parks to their portfolio. If you got some species, it would be wise to forget the stock market, ISAs, buy to let and love it and turn on your goal of investment solar-car parks or power-Park-Verrières: the next big thing in real estate investment.

Where there are parking lots, electricity solar systems can be erected to charge electric vehicles at a small price, giving it stable and consistent owner cash flow. Today, supermarkets get in the action by converting their fleets of parking in parking lot of electricity solar hubs. Soon, airports, hospitals, shopping malls etc follow. According to one source, Asda intends to roll out solar parking of all his supermarket for the next five years.

Unlike the other rental parking today, solar active classes yields are estimated to be on average between 8% and 10,5% per month. Solar car parks are already booming property assets in countries like the USA, the France and the Japan. It is expected that in the next 3-4 years, parks of power become active gold mine property to the United Kingdom. Thus, you cannot afford to not miss this opportunity.

Moreover, with prices beginning to cost of £ 120,000, a Government of 25 years and 80% guaranteed loan performance, the possibility of investment is very solid. The regime feed in tariff was launched by the Government of the United Kingdom in April 2010, which guarantees the owners of green energy projects income from rental of a minimum of £ 900 for 25 years.

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