Affordable Green Homes

Green homes are made affordable in two different ways. The purchase price of the home itself can be affordable for most middle class families, and even people looking to buy their first house. The other way green homes are made to be affordable is the actual cost of living after you move in and purchase one of these very well built houses. When people buy a house that is meant to save them on energy costs, it will lower the impact on the environment that you will have as you live in your home, and it will significantly lower the amount of money spent each month on your bills.

The average price for a green home is 250,000. This makes these types of homes accessible to nearly every income bracket out there. Energy efficient homes can start as low as 140,000, making it a perfect option for a first time home buyer. Some of the green homes available can have a price tag close to the half a million dollar range, which is appealing to families that need a larger home, but still take advantage of all the positives and savings of a green home.

The other major selling perk of a green home that makes it very affordable is the fact that your monthly bills for energy, gas, and water will be much less per square foot than a traditionally built home. This can allow someone to live in a larger house but with the same monthly cost, or simply save money overall because you are receiving these savings each month.

The two major areas of energy savings when it comes to your monthly bills is derived from energy savings with your HVAC system, and savings from the way your plumbing has been installed. Your HVAC system will run less often, yet keep your house at more of a constant temperature when it is built by a green home builder. All the plumbing in your house is installed properly with no leaks, and the pipes are all situated to waste less water. Both of these systems significantly cut out wasting energy in your home which will directly translate into dollars saved.

Green homes have the special characteristic of helping out your environment and community, and also helping out the homeowner each month by not wasting energy. This makes the home very appealing for any family, and makes these types of houses very affordable overall, for nearly any income level.

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