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The use of green building products even for remodeling have gained the attention of many in the past several years, what have been a challenge for most homeowners is knowing where to find eco-friendly building products. There are many companies that are promoting quote green and energy efficient Products, but do they really live up to their claims? Substantiating these claims would make it easy to know where to look.

Lumber is necessary building material in most projects and if used in the right way can produce a tremendous amount of energy and environmental savings.

Sustainable Lumber Products

· Dimensional Lumber
· Wood Flooring
· Plywood
· Paneling
· Cabinetry

Green building materials as mentioned above can be produced using diverse materials from different parts of the planet. The question is,How can the average homeowner tell whether these materials they're selecting are prepared properly? Firstly,there must be a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate to give the homeowner the confidence that they're purchasing a legitimate environmentally friendly product. FSC is a non-profit organization and operates independently, their certification process offers the forestry professionals a higher level of social awareness and responsibility for the environment. This certification is important to the homeowners; because it identifies that the wood that was used has been harvested in accordance with the standards that have been set by the forestry management.

Green Interior Products

Because of some products such as flooring, countertops and cabinetry which are used from raw material can also be considered ecologically friendly, though they may not have a certificate labeled on them. This also includes an array of other interior finishing. Consider bamboo and cork, they're rated at the top when it comes to green building flooring products due to their renewable nature. Notwithstanding, these raw materials are grown in certain countries in the world which means the transportation fees would me astronomical. Also the glue that is use to put these products together will emit VOCs. So, a homeowner needs to consider carefully when selecting those interior finishing.

Recycled and Recyclable

The products that are getting a lot of attention today are the recyclables; the marketplace is full of them. They are namely carpets and wall-coverings. Shaw and Mohawk which are two large carpet manufacturers in the U.S have come up with a solution to recover used carpets for recycling by removing the backing from them. The Vinyl wall-covering companies have also got into the field of recycling by creating products of such nature. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are two paint companies that have given serious considerations to their product by developing products that give little fumes and toxins. Green building products are available it all depends on where you are in the world, for it differs in the region or country you belong, homeowners have many options.

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