Living Life Right - The Insiders Look to Lake Washington

One of the most unique and wonderful places to live in all of Washington, much less Seattle, is undoubtedly on the shores of Lake Washington. For those lucky enough to be able to afford waterfront property, this is an opportunity that should not be missed. Even the more affordable houses with views over this magnificent body of water should not be overlooked, as Lake Washington offers those who live near it aspects of beauty you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The second largest lake in the state after Lake Chelan, Lake Washington has availability for housing developments along its entire shoreline. Because of its long, skinny shape, the shoreline is considerable and is still open for more building opportunities. Save for the areas that are parks, marinas or airports, the rest of the shores are dedicated to homeowners, and giving those people some of the most incredible opportunities around. The waters of this lake are fresh and blue, and are extremely clean after extreme measure were taken to improve the water quality in the 60's.

Houses built along Lake Washington are built to take in the view. Sweeping windows are common, along with sloping lawns to take advantage of the shoreline. Most houses have docks with the capability to house 1-3 boats, and a smaller percentage of them have covered boat houses. Even those that don't have docks often take advantage of the required buoys just off the shore, and can tie boats off there. Waterfront condos are less common than waterfront houses along Lake Washington, but condos are often built on the hills that rise away from the water, meaning that every floor can enjoy a waterfront view. Great snowy Mount Rainier can be seen from just about anywhere on Lake Washington, as it rises over the southern section of the lake on clear days. Because of the north-south orientation of the lake, and how skinny it is, the vast majority of houses face either due east or due west, which makes for some of the most stunning sunset or sunrise views of the whole state. There is nothing quite like enjoying your morning cup of coffee while the sun rising golden over the forests on the other side, and turning light to liquid fire as it touches the water.

Lake Washington is home to an abundance of wildlife. The waters are teeming with fish that are available to fish (when in season) that include salmon, bass, perch, carp, longfin smelt and even sturgeon. Mallard ducks and Canadian geese are common sights over the water, while bald eagles herons make the occasional appearance as well. River otters are a treat, as there is nothing more adorable than two sleek otters play-wrestling in your yard.

Living lakeside is an opportunity that should not be passed up. It is the ultimate luxury, and provides a stunning setting to raise a family among nature. With the endless summer entertainment it provides along with an epic seasonal backdrop, Lake Washington is arguably one of the greatest places to live in the world.

This article was produced by Eric Badgley; specializing in Lake Washington Real Estate.

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