Tips for buying a green home

Buying a green home is not as difficult that you might think and long term it can save you lot of money, as well as having an impact on the environment. A Green House is one that is energy efficiency and allows you to save money, but it could also mean it is a home made from recycled materials and making much better use of space. When you buy a green house you must always take into consideration the same things you do when you buy a normal House, as going through the right channels to borrow money and to pay additional costs such as fees to and transfer of stamp.

Construction methods

You can start even before Green thinking to begin to build the House. Choose an architect who is familiar with the ecological houses and ask them to design a House that suits your block. Think of the creation of a House that occupies less space on Earth, leaving as much room for trees and plants as possible. Leave the room around the House for water tanks and a vegetable garden. Think of where on your block build you the House too. Make sure that it is in a position so that you can make use of natural light and it is facing a direction so you get the heat of the Sun for energy efficiency.

Construction materials

You can even be respectful of the environment with your choice of building materials. All the wood in your home should be recycled from other sources. You will find that you can purchase bricks of homes are being razed to the ground. You may also choose to build with environmentally friendly materials such as mud or stone, or even building a straw House haystack.

Energy efficiency

One of the main objectives of your House is that it is energy efficiency. Make sure that it is insulated so that it remains hot in winter and cooler in summer. You can also double glazed and have solar panels installed to rely you on the Sun to power your home. Solar energy can also heat your water so you can save on gas and electricity. Solar panels are not as expensive as they once and many new homes are not respectful of the environment are constructed with solar panels to heat their water.


In your House, you can be more respectful of the environment by choosing appliances to the right. When you purchase a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge or even a dryer you will see that the energy rating on the element via a classification system. The stars an element has the energy efficiency is. You can also buy dishwashers and washing machines use less water. You can also be more energy efficient when lighting your home by choosing to use the power light bulbs. Another way to be friendly to the environment is to look at your energy consumption, therefore turn off lights in rooms that are not in use, turn off appliances at the wall and not heat or cool the rooms that you do not use. With blinds or curtains on your Windows will help keep your House warm in winter and to block the heat in summer.

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